Diablo IV Release: Addicted Players No Longer Count Hours on Game; Asmongold Goes to ER After 13-Hour Play Session

Since the release of Diablo IV, addicted players no longer count their hours on the game

Blizzard Pulled Off a Successful Release

Of course, it was no surprise to anyone and on everyone expected it: the release of Diablo IV was a real breakout and, despite some recent hiccups, Blizzard pulled it off son bet. Even though some early players are not fans result final. For others, the simple fact that Diablo IV received critical acclaim — we have, for example, granted it 17/20was enough to make them crack and the prospect of discovering this before anyone else, via the early access available in some versions, was another strong argument when choosing son copy. Since Friday, it’s been madness and it fits pretty well with the atmosphere of Blizzard’s game.

It must be said that there was a great reward at stake for whoever would be the first to reach the famous maximum level. In Hardcore mode, a player who achieved it in less time than it takes to say. Except that the Diablo universe is a cruel world and that no one on these lands is safe from an unpleasant surpriseeven if he’on is particularly seasoned on the license. On the side of streamers, the release of Diablo IV was, indeed, an event not to be missed under any circumstances.. So much so that the Twitch broadcasting platform has been flooded with lives dedicated to Blizzard’s new title! Among the greatest figures in the field, on can quote Asmongold, a specialist in games from the studio.

Diablo 4 Didn’t Take Asmongold to Hell… But to the ER

As a specialist therefore, Asmongold could not fail to respond! Also, the latter, who recently freaked out about the price of Diablo IVhas multiplied the hours of play, going so far as to play for 13 hours in a row at Blizzard’s hack’n’slash. However, this excess of video games may have impacted the physical condition of the Twitch streamer at 3.4 millions subscribers. Shortly after this session extended, Asmongold felt leg pain, which did not fail to worry him and make him think of a concern related to a blood clot. The next day, the streamer began to make arrangements and do some exercise to counteract the fact that he sometimes remains static in his chair for a very long time, but all this didn’t help.

As he explains in the video above, aiming to reassure his community, son concern only increased, so much so that he had to go to the emergency room. At final after a series of examinations, the doctors on place did not diagnose him no serious problem. At almost 33 years old, Asmongold explains that he was able to develop a kind of paranoia around his physical condition since the slightest worry can be a source of stress as he seems spared from health problems, unlike some of his friends who may complain about their health as they age. So, he concluded that he needed to be more vigilant about it and that he intended to do his health and son well-being a priority taking a little rest. A choice which, in the past, had triggered criticism from some of its regular viewers.

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