DICE reveals why people end Battlefield 5 matches

Battlefield 5 had a rough start, and the DICE developers have been very active in multiplayer since then. The game will continue for some time – according to Electronic Arts, there will not be another Battlefield title until 2022. Update 5.2 is on its way, and the discussion about the time lost in multiplayer led the developer DICE to talk about the problems that cause gamers to abandon the game.

Time to kill measures the damage a player can take before being taken out of play, and is the focus of many recent Battlefield 5 debates – social media players claim that this is one of the best parts of the game’s balance now.

In response to these arguments, DICE has released an important sub-critique of the game: “Responding to Your Concerns – Update 5.2,” which gives us a quick look behind the scenes – the actual factors that cause players to play their games finish battlefield 5.

Freeman, manager of the global community, says something that will be familiar to anyone who has ever played an online game: “They give up when you are shot in the back without the ability to face your enemy. “

In Battlefield with realistic terrain and huge maps, visibility is a big problem. It is common for players to feel “erased” by people they never see. According to Freeman, close-up players should lose matches where they can not spot a threat fast enough, but DICE would like to retool the experience so fans still feel they have a chance to react – not just die ,

“Death is less punishable if one has the impression that death was an enemy’s ability. More problematic are ranged deaths with short-range weapons. You do not expect them to be a threat, and if you die 100m from an SMG, it feels wrong and it’s frustrating. “

In short, players can grab each other from a distance with weapons that should not cause ranged damage.

Weapon balance is a tricky player retention issue. Starter weapons must be competitive, otherwise players will find that they can never catch up with veterans and that they are angry. But when a weapon is good enough to be used anywhere, players feel no sense of progress . and stop.

No easy solution

Ranged combat and lack of weaponry are two obvious issues, but Freeman also writes that “frustration with core gameplay is high and more widespread than discussed here.”

“Through our polls, we’ve been able to measure that there is a group of current players who are satisfied, but that there is a much larger group of current players who are dissatisfied. We can see that satisfaction with core gameplay has declined over time from a fairly positive position a year ago to a more neutral or even negative position after a year. “

While DICE says that the current gunplay is “solid”, it also feels “stale”, and players want more content and the game needs to be updated and updated over time. This is a much harder problem to solve. Even though Battlefield 5 has been improved and gameplay has not changed, players are ending the game.

Since this Battlefield is the representation of the franchise until 2022, it is clear that DICE has prepared their work for them. They’ve pinpointed the reasons why the players left off, but it’s likely to take a lot of work to solve those problems – and also to attract new players.

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