Did Jamal Belmadi play a role in Rorawa’s decline?

The upcoming elections for the presidency of the Algerian Football Association continue to spark controversy, especially after the news of the candidacy of former federation president Mohamed Raouraoua circulated, which aroused support and opposition reactions, and great fears in the former president’s camp. Khair El-Din Zatchi, following the announcement of the financial statement, which revealed important imbalances and gaps in management, led to the accumulation of debt of 140 billion cents, equal to 10 million dollars, after the Algerian Federation was five years ago was one of the richest federations in Africa. The candidate of the authorities to power, in addition to the president of club ES Setif, former national team player Abdelhakim Sarrar, who sparked pessimistic reactions in media and in the masses about the future of Algerian football and the national team, and raised questions about the role of coach Jamal Belmadi in deciding the fate of the Algerian federation. It is true that Mohamed Rakara did not explicitly announce his candidacy until there is talk of his retirement, but all the leaks and indications have spoken of his intention to run at the request of the members of the General Assembly and the parties to the power, and they talked about his initiation to train members of his office, before retiring in the last two days from the filing date The files were at the level of the electoral commission, which gave rise to different interpretations, in particularly those who spoke of Jamal Belmadi’s refusal to work with Mohamed Raourawa, at the instigation of former president Khair Eddin Zatchi, and the support of the authority parties who believe that Jamal Belmadi and the Algerian team are more important and greater than the Federation and all Algerian football. , which is the analysis to which some media outlets have turned, which for its part have considered that Raourawa is the guarantor of the protection of the Algerian national team, giving back consideration to the Algerian Federation, and correcting the imbalances accumulated in the leadership, which could get to the point of not being able to pay the salary of Jamal Belmadi and the employees of the union. On the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the Mediterranean Games, Djamel Belmadi denied his opposition to any candidate and his interference in the elections for the presidency of the Algerian Federation, and expressed his willingness to work with the president chosen by the General Assembly. , doubts remained about his indirect interference in determining the name of the next president of the Algerian Federation and about the opposition to the return of Muhammad Rakara, which made him vulnerable to indispensable criticism in this circumstance after failing to preserve its continental crown and failing to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, and the spill of the value of his monthly salary, which exceeds 200 thousand euros, and it will be difficult for the next president to pay it this month.The next is due to the failure that the Algerian Federation has arrived, due to mismanagement and ‘appreciation of recent years, to the point that it is no longer possible to pay the salaries of employees whose numbers doubled during the reign of Khair El-Din Zatchi and their salaries have doubled, just as the amount of expenditure has increased in a way that raises doubts and questions. Most of the expectations indicate that Jahid Zefzaf, current administrative director of the national team, will be the new president of the Algerian Federation, at the behest of the ruling authorities, confirmed by the presence of members of the previous office in his electoral list, and the directives of the Custodial Ministry for the members of the General Assembly to vote on him, in one moment in to which Abdel Hakim Sarrar’s candidacy remains an exciting signal. The question, especially because the environment of him is being marketed to support other parties in the authority that has asked him to run in one moment in it was possible to pave the way for new faces and young administrative and sporting skills capable of restoring the financial balance of the Federation, giving new breath to Algerian football, adapting the laws, organizing competitions, protecting the Algerian team, and accompanying Jamal Belmadi and all the youth teams that have been neglected for years. Algerian journalist