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ATTENTION: the following contains spoilers for the story “What Is Vs. What If” from Marvel Voices: Identity # 1, now on sale

Shang-Chi’s origin has always been linked to his actions father forced him to take, and how one moment of doubt and humanity helped turn him into the hero he is today. But there are worlds in the multiverse where that didn’t exactly happen for Shang-Chi.

In Gene Luen Yang, Marcus To and Sunny Gho’s story “What Is vs What If “from Marvel Voices: Identity # 1, Shang-Chi arrives up against a wicked one version of himself in a connection of the monastery with the Observer, and has a connection with a classic issue of the original What happens if? comic series.

The story centers on the Shang-Chi of the core of the Marvel Universe in visit to a mysterious monastery in the mountains that are home to order of Uatu, a temple where the laws are observed of the Observer after a meeting with he centuries ago. Shang-Chi had come to claim the Ruguo Coin, a mystic item created by his father years ago. The artifact is in degree of help Shang-Chi faces a possible time line in to whom he had fully promised his loyalty to hers father, becoming a deadly threat to the Avengers ea true heir of the villain. The coin even creates an avatar of That What happens if .? scenario in the module of the evil Shang-Chi.

The two get engaged in a duel, where they prove be equally matched. It turns out that the evil Shang-Chi has further trained with their father, fully mastering Deadly Hands techniques in a way the center version of Shang-Chi never did. But the heroic incarnation of the character reveals a number of unique and impressive moves inspired by his allies like Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Panther and even his own half- Sister, Sister Dagger. With these skills, Shang-Chi is victorious, claiming the coin and forcing the evil Shang-Chi to disappear back in the ether. But this was not the first time a wicked one version of Shang-Chi was introduced who never left his father’S side.

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In the center of Shang-Chi’s history it’s his father, who went through more changes over years. Initially, his father it was Fu Manchu, a central character in a popular series of Sax Rohmer’s novels in the beginning of 20 century. While the character was relatively popular at its peak, today he is considered a offensive racial caricature of an Asian villain and is the epitome of the “yellow For the “stereotype. While Shang-Chi’s father has been rewritten and evolved in a new character named Zheng Zu, the character was still mentioned by Fu Manchu when What happens if # 16 by Doug Moench and Rock Hoberg has been released – and is therefore heavily featured in the story.

After being sent to kill a man in charge of his father, Shang-Chi has learned the truth about his father by Nayland Smith. But on Earth-79816, Smith was not present in that moment of the attack, and Shang fled the scene still convinced of innate nobility of his father. Shang-Chi has returned to his home and was further indoctrinated by the idea that murder is an acceptable path, while Smith’s allies Black Jack, Clive Reston and Leiko Wu move against he. Under the orders of his father, Shang-Chi oversees the acquisition of corpses (unbeknownst to him, to be used as undead soldiers from his father in his crusade against England), and comes up against the trio. By realizing the true depth of his father cruelty, Shang-Chi abandons his crusade but refuses to accept on allies like him in the core of the Marvel Universe.

In this Marvel voices story, Shang-Chi is, for in effect, fighting the echo of that bad version of himself, and probably the complex inheritance that derives from it with that evil life of Shang-Chi. As evidence of his lessons heroic travel through Marvel Unviese allowed him, Shang-Chi is easily in able to overturn the spectrum of what could have been.

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