Diddy poses with her two queens for their birthday – See the photo with the magnificent twins

Diddy celebrated his twin daughter’s birthday the other day, and he made sure to post photos and messages for them on social media to mark the event. Check out another post below.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful young queens !!!!!!! @the_combs_twins”, Diddy captioned the new photo which he shared on his social media account.

Someone posted: “ahhhhh! happy birthday to these queens of beauty! ???? “and another disciple said,” OMG, they look like their mom now .. RIP .. good blessing for your family. “

One commenter posted this: “They are beautiful. Some days they look like @diddy and most days they look like their absolutely gorgeous mother (Sweet rest). ❤️ »

Someone else said, “Happy birthday, pretty girls, may you, beautiful ladies, be blessed with everything you want … have fun … be safe … stay blessed. Just a fan. “

A disciple sprang up on the young girls and said, “ Honey, they look and pose like there is a beautiful mom birthday happy birthday young queens ”, while another fan told Diddy how much he was lucky to have the girls: “ You are truly blessed, diddy protect them with everything in you.

Diddy’s daughters, Jessie and D’Lila are 13 years old. He shared a video on his social media account to mark the event, and also wrote a message.

He’s also celebrating his mom’s birthday, and posted the following message:

“Everyone wishes my mom a happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Fans again flooded the comments section with good wishes for Diddy’s mother.


Diddy celebrated his 50th birthday not too long ago and he also made sure to share lots of photos from the lavish party.

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