Dietary supplement that reduces the risk of cancer

Scientists from the University of Newcastle, UK, found that adding resistant starch to the diet reduced the risk of developing Lynch syndrome by 60 percent.

And the journal Cancer Prevention Research points out that university scientists conducted a 20-year study involving about 1,000 volunteers with Lynch syndrome (hereditary bowel cancer) and concluded that the addition of resistant starch reduces the likelihood of colon development in people with a genetic predisposition, cancer of the stomach and pancreas, etc.

The participants in this study were divided into two groups. The first group received 30 grams of powdered resistant starch daily for two years. The second group was given a placebo powder. Ten years later they were all examined.

The results of the examination showed that five of the first group had cancer, compared with 21 in the second group.

According to the researchers, pancreatic enzymes do not affect resistant starch, but are processed by bacteria present only in the small intestine.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.