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Diffuse taken in tour of the European teams that have refrained from wearing the “gay” badges for fear of sanctions.

Doha – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: the fans of the World Cup in Qatar followed the entry of players from European teams, who declared before the tournament their intention to wear political insignia and express their positions. These statements came in the context of a fierce campaign against Qatar, the first Arab country to host the World Cup. Critics have considered the position of these teams in the category of systematically targeting a southern country and described it as racist. And those teams have come under widespread ridicule on the platforms after they backed out of carrying the “discrimination” badge and dropped those threats. The teams complied with warnings from the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), which explicitly announced that any player who deviates from the tournament’s goal of playing football would be punished and called on the teams to leave the policy out from the green rectangle. The Arabs on social they joked about the drop in European squads as soon as FIFA waved the yellow card. Many analysts have classified the statements of some European teams and their players and their threats before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, in the category of the attack that the Arab country has suffered. And the director general of the Belgian Football Federation, Peter Bossart, has announced that FIFA has chosen not to ratify his country’s away kit at the World Cup. Why the word “love” in English is written inside the collar. FIFA required the Belgium national team to cover the floor if they wanted to play in their white away shirt. However, the Belgian official has confirmed that the country will play him prime three games with the red shirt. The Dutch federation, which announced the withdrawal of the “gay” scudetto, justified the fear that the captain of the national team would receive a yellow card that would have haunted him throughout the match, while the priority of the “mills” was to win the match, according to the statement. England, Wales, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark have all withdrawn their previous positions and opted not to wear the gay badge, as not all of them want their captain to start the game with a yellow card. Bernd Neuendorf, president of the German Football Association, also confirmed that the International Federation of the Game (FIFA) has addressed the recent attempt by the managers of the European teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar, to wear multicolored headbands with the slogan “The love of one”. In this context, England captain Harry Kane did not wear the One Love armband in the match against Iran. The famous British journalist, Piers Morgan, ridiculed his country’s players, criticizing them for making many statements and claims, and eventually they succumbed to fear of a yellow card alone. The tweeters have also passed in reviews many international situations, in which players were subjected to severe penalties in defense of their positions and ideas without retracting them. The comments circulated on various platforms of social media have indicated that the regression of these teams confirms that their first decision was not based on an original position on rights, but simply to stir up World Cup controversy from the very beginning, in the context of a campaign against Qatar.


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