Director-General of ITER Bernard Bigot passes away

New Delhi, May 14 (IANS) Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the ITER Organisation, to which India is consistently delivering in-kind contribution for the upcoming world’s largest first-of-its-kind fusion reactor in southern France, passed away on Saturday due to illness. He was 72.

An inspirational leader for more than four decades across multiple fields of science and energy, his personal dedication and commitment to ITER over the past seven years shaped every aspect of the project.

While his untimely demise will be felt as a tragic blow to the global fusion community, Bigot’s careful design and preparation of the ITER senior management team in recent years gives reassurance of the project’s continued success.

His deputy, Eisuke Tada, a seasoned veteran from ITER’s earliest days, will take over leadership of the project, while the ITER Council launches the search for a long-term successor to Bigot, an official statement said.

In his virtual interview last year, Bigot had told IANS, “India is consistently delivering on its commitments, despite challenges.”

“India has also delivered 100 per cent of the components needed for ITER’s secondary cooling water system, and we are about 95 per cent complete with the delivery and installation of cryolines and other piping for the cryogenics system,” he had told IANS.

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