Director of the CIA: Putin believes that an escalation of the war in Ukraine will improve its results

CIA Director William Burns said on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes an escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine will improve what it can get from the war.

“IS in a tale mood he doesn’t think he can afford to lose, “Burns said, speaking at an event for the Financial Times in Washington.” I think he still believes escalating the war will allow him to make progress.

Burns also stated that the CIA had no indication that Russia was preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons in the conflict. in Ukraine.

“We do not see at this point, as an intelligence service, prove concrete that Russia is preparing to deploy or even potentially use tactical nuclear weapons, “said Burns, but added:” We cannot underestimate these possibilities. “

He continued: “Therefore, as an intelligence service, we remain very focused … on these possibilities in this moment in which mail in Russian game is very high. “

Russia has put in alert its nuclear deterrence forces shortly after Putin dispatched troops in Ukraine on February 24. Putin has also made unspoken threats indicating his willingness to deploy tactical nuclear weapons.

Putin warned of a “very quick” response if the West intervened directly in the Ukrainian conflict.

Observers say Russian state television has made the use of nuclear weapons more acceptable to the public in recent days.

In another context, Burns warned that China is following the war “closely” in Ukraine and will likely draw lessons from this conflict to adapt its plans to control Taiwan.

“It is clear that Chinese leaders are trying to closely identify the lessons they can draw from Ukraine regarding their ambitions in Taiwan,” said Burns, noting that they have not given up on this goal.

He added that the Chinese leadership was shocked by the fierce Ukrainian resistance to the Russians and the economic price paid by Russia. He continued: “These are things that they are studying very carefully.”

He added: “I think they were particularly shocked by the way in which NATO has joined to impose economic prices on Russia in response to his aggression “.

He added that China was “disturbed by the fact that Putin has brought Europeans and Americans closer” and also said: “As far as their conclusions are concerned, this remains a question mark.”

According to Burns, Chinese leaders are examining the “cost and ramifications” of a possible use of force to gain control of Taiwan.

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