Dirty vaccination warning spark probe

After receiving a Covid vaccination non-compliance letter, a Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) firefighter reportedly dropped his pants and wiped his buttocks. with the document.

The notice was visibly tarnished with fecal matter as a result, according to media relationships. The LAFD is currently investigating the alleged incident that took place on November 18, a spokesman said on Wednesday. Commenting on the case at the LA Times, her also he said the fireman is currently on paid administrative leave and “want face the consequences of any inappropriate acts.

Mask up, also in your house, city orders

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The Stentorians of Los Angeles City, a group representing African Americans in the LAFD, submitted a statement to management in that the group slammed what he described as a “act of blatant disrespect and harassment,”Attaching a photo of what it looks like like a stained document. The Stentori left on to demand “quick and immediate action“by the mayor and the Los Angeles Fire Commission”to discourage any city employee from feeling empowered and not encouraged but empowered to behave in so embarrassing and threatening way.

President of the commission, Jimmie Woods Gray, told the LA Times on Wednesday that she was “utterly horrified by such an act by an LAFD firefighter,“adding that”strong corrective action“it was necessary. The mayor of Los Angeles office, in in turn, expressed the hope that “fire the leadership of the department will definitely address the matter and will do it clear that these frightening actions will not discourage the application of rules that we put in place to save lives.

All city employees in Los Angeles was ordered to get vaccinated or to deliver prove of an exemption by 18 December under penalty of to be put on unpaid leave.

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