Disagreements between Erdogan and his ally over an electoral condition

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to abolish an electoral condition linked to the conquest of the country’s presidency, which confirms that His popularity and that of his ruling Justice and Development Party have already declinedHe wants to abolish the requirement to get more than half of the electorate votes to win the next Turkish presidential elections, which will be held with the parliamentary elections in June 2023.

It seems that Erdogan is trying to secure his victory or his candidate in the next presidential and parliamentary elections, which will be held in less than two years, especially as various opinion polls in recent times confirm that his party is no longer in able to win more than half the votes, despite the backing of his party ally, the right-wing “national movement” led by Devlet Bahceli.

Informed sources revealed to Al-Arabiya.net that there are differences between Erdogan and Bahceli regarding the modification or cancellation of the condition (50 + 1) to win the Turkish presidency, especially since the Turkish president announced this week the need to change this condition, that the leader of the ” nationalist movement “rejected. .

Disagreements between Erdogan and his ally over an electoral condition
Daulat Bahceli

Erdogan’s announcement of the need to make this amendment to the electoral law came after a meeting he had met a few days ago with the head of the Islamist “Happiness” party Temel Karamoğlu, which the Turkish president seeks to ally with his party and convince him. abandon its alliance with the “Republican People’s Party”, the country’s main opposition party.

The electoral condition (50 + 1) previously set by Erdogan’s ruling party threatens its electoral alliance with the “nationalist movement”.

We do not elect representatives or mayors, we elect a president who represents all the people

Daulat Bahceli

Bahceli criticized Erdogan’s willingness to abolish this condition, stating that “electing the president with 50 + 1 percent of the voters’ votes is a model of pluralistic democracy to set a precedent for the world. We do not elect representatives or mayors. .. We elect a president who represents all the people. “

He added: “It is useless to sympathize with those who criticize the 50 + 1 vote, without naming the Turkish president even though it was clear that he was addressing his ally Erdogan.

A few days ago Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, head of the Republican People’s Party, asked Hold presidential and early parliamentary electionsThis means that these elections will be held soon and not in June of the year 2023.

Kılıçdaroğlu participated in the call for early elections, Meral Akçener, who leads the right-wing “Buono” party.

However, this appeal does not mean that early elections will be held soon: the main and prerequisite for holding presidential and parliamentary elections ahead of their date is to personally invite the Turkish president to hold them.

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