Home World Disagreements plague die Turkish brothers . and “opposition meetings” anger Ankara

Disagreements plague die Turkish brothers . and “opposition meetings” anger Ankara

Al-Arabiya sources reported Saturday night that die Brotherhood leader in Turkey had pledged to respect Ankara’s security Watch their encounter with the opposition.

The sources said that die Egyptian Brotherhood leaders had signed a declaration to order die not to endanger the national security of Turkey.

She added that die Turkish security die Brotherhood leaders warned against communicating with Turkish political figures.

Prevent relay

In addition, pointed die Sources suggest that it is within the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey has differences between those die want to communicate with the opposition and those who die fear deportation.

She pointed out that die Brotherhood leader die Advisers to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on die To prevent deportation of Alaa Al-Samahi and Yahya Musa, but Ankara surrendered die Files to the Turkish secret service.

It is noteworthy that Tamel Karamullaoglu, chairman of the Turkish opposition party Felicity, was announced a few days ago Reception of a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood Led by Hammam Ali Youssef, member of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council and responsible for die Funding electronic committees and a number of Brotherhood leaders.

Financial and political support

In addition, sources revealed to Al-Arabiya.netthat Hammam Ali Youssef and Medhat Al-Haddad took part in the meeting, die For die Manage the Brotherhood’s investments and financial activities in Turkey are responsible.

She also stated that die Members of the brotherhood, die attended the meeting with the chairman of the Felicity party, die most of them die held and offered Turkish citizenship, die Support party financially and politically in upcoming elections, as they are with the Islamists in the EU is connected country and from the mantle of the welfare party, die by Necmettin Erbakan, the leader of Islamic movements and organizations in Turkey, was founded.

Pressure on the Turkish regime

In relation to what happened at that meeting, indicated die Information suggests that die Brotherhood leader die Proposed the idea of ​​pressure on the Turkish regime, die Files of the detainees in Uprising Egypt during upcoming meetings with Egyptian officials and voiced their fears that Ankara would accept it die Idea of ​​them in exchange for die Agreement with Cairo to deport out of the country and threaten to withdraw many investments. It is led by the Turkish group and the trio Medhat Al-Haddad, Mukhtar Al-Ashry and Mr. El-Ezaby.

The sources confirmed that the meeting was the extent of the Brotherhood’s concern about the ruling Turkish regime and die Acceptance of the reconciliation with Egypt revealed without the problem and die Group crisis and die Address problems of their members.

Sharp cracks

It is noteworthy that die Group according to recent Turkish statements about die Resumption of relations with Cairo, die imminent holding of security and diplomatic meetings between the two countries in early next May to resolve differences, alongside the proposal of die Party of the Turkish President to set up a parliamentary friendship group with Egypt.

And it started its scenarios for die Draw phase after approaching after Ankara warnings die Brotherhood had sent not to target Egypt and stop criticism from its territory, in addition to Turkish instructions, die Stop programs from two Brotherhood satellite channels, Muhammad Nasser, and begin Mu’taz Matar die Group count on their steps and get on die Prepare for impact.

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