Disciplinary Commission: to impose financial penalties on some club

The Disciplinary and Ethics Commission of the Saudi Football Association imposed a fine on the Al-Ahly Club after it was shown that fans of the club they had committed a violation by throwing a can of water at the opposing team’s players and administrators, and fined him by paying a fine of 15,000.

The disciplinary commission also imposed a fine of (20,000) thousand on the player of the club Al-Faisali, Muhammad Al-Omari, for insulting his team’s match officials against Al-Hilal during an interview with media.

A thousand riyals fine was imposed (youth administrator Talal Al-Sheikh, Al-Ahly player Hussein Al-Maqhawi, Al-Shabab player Abdullah Al-Ju’i and Al-Shabab assistant coach Claudio Mendes) for not wearing a muzzle.

The deal was fined 10,000 riyals, due to the delay of the team’s players in the players’ corridor, which resulted in the delay in the start of the match, and for the same reason, the Al-Ahly Club was fined 18,750 riyals (for the third time).

And he imposed a fine of 10,000 riyals on Al-Fateh player Marwan Saadan, for directly receiving the red card, for playing violently against the player of the opposing team.

Al-Faisaly player Mohammed Al-Omari was fined 20,000 riyals for insulting match officials during an interview with media.

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