Discontinued: Egypt’s Iconic Cigarette Brand is No Longer in Production

Sources at Eastern Company for Tobacco in Egypt reported that the company has ceased production of the popular Box cigarettes amid a sharp decline in stocks of tobacco and smoke in the current period.

According to Cairo 24, a large number of cigarette sellers in the Egyptian market have complained that the Eastern Tobacco Company did not supply the popular Box cigarettes during the last period.

Sources at Eastern Tobacco Company Eastern Company said that the cigarette industry’s stocks of tobacco and smoke are severely short due to the crisis in imports and the provision of dollar liquidity.

Eastern Company sources added that the company’s stock of tobacco is approximately 6 months of production, while in previous periods it was normal to have at least a production stock that would last at least a year.

The East Tobacco Company, East Company, is working to increase production capacity at present due to high prices for cigarettes and smoke, as well as declining consumption by the company’s customers, sources said.

The company raised the price of its popular cigarettes last March, from £2 to £3 per pack, amid concerns about high production costs and ever-increasing costs, according to what the company said in its financial report. reports for 2022, which prompted him to increase the prices of his products from cigarettes, honey and even cigars.

The Eastern company raised the box price from £10 to £15, while Cleopatra king size increased to £23, Cleopatra soft queen to £24, Boston Blument to £24, Cleopatra white box – colors to 24 pounds, and raised the price of Cleopatra Super to 24 pounds.

The company also increased the price of Mondial red-blue/silver cigarettes to £24, Mondial Switch menthol/blueberry cigarettes to £24, Cleopatra Black to £24, Matossian Super to £24 and Viceroy/Pal Money to £33.

Ibrahim Imbabi, head of Tobacco and Cigarettes of the Federation of Industries, has previously stated that foreign suppliers of tobacco products and molasses to Egyptian companies, including Eastern Tobacco, no longer want to supply them to producers inside Egypt, and that tobacco companies import their raw materials in dollars. and the dollar is available at a high price.

Source: Cairo 24

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