Discover a Surprising Encounter and Unusual Transformation in Pokémon Scarlet/Purple

A surprising encounter!

If the launch of Pokémon Scarlet / Purple was complicated to cause numerous bugs and technical issues, players keep discovering new things over time. This is the case of who shared an excerpt from his session game on the forum. In the video, one sees the trainer walking on the outskirts of a town, accompanied by his Ramp-Wings. It was then that he crossed paths with a Metamorph, something rare enough to be underlined. Dittos usually take on the form of another Pokémon to fool their opponent, so seeing them in nature is quite amazing. But the surprise doesn’t end there because once the combat starts, the Ditto reveals its true identity and it was actually… a Ditto quite simply.

This transformation is as surprising as it is useless since the result is the same as at the start. Inasmuch as fans of Pokémon, some might have thought that it was a Zorua transformed into a Metamorph because this is the other Pokémon capable of such a feat. But no, it was indeed a case of a Metamorph transformed into a Metamorph. Given the rather chaotic and complicated launch of Pokémon Scarlet / Purple, some wondered if it could not be a bug as the transformation is useless. It must be said that it is quite rare to find an untransformed Metamorph, but the game had to automatically activate the animation which is triggered when one encounters this kind of creature.

Pokémon Scarlet, between cardboard and division

Released on November 18, 2020, Pokémon Scarlet/Purple will soon have their first DLCs. Entitled The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero, the first part will be The Turquoise Mask scheduled for September 13, and the second part The Indigo Mask for this winter, either at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. This aims to capitalize on the success of the title which had sold more than ten million copies within a few days after its release.

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