Discover the alternative to plastic

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology have found an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

Science magazine points out of The Total Environment research group suggests using transparent wood instead of plastic.

In this study, the researchers analyzed the use of specially treated wood and traditional petroleum-based plastics (polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylic, polyethylene, etc.) in the industry.

The results showed that transparent wood made with sodium chlorite (NaClO₂) is much more forgiving than plastic. However, this material is still less environmentally friendly than glass, although it does not have impact-resistant properties, unlike special wood.

It is reported that scientists first discovered transparent wood in 1992, and since then, researchers have been constantly improving the technology for its production. The manufacturing process involves removing the wood veneer and replacing it with a clear polymer.

Source: linta. Ro