Discover the deepest known cave in Australia!

Researchers have discovered the deepest known cave in Australia and named it after a type of Covid virus.

The cave, named Delta Variant, sits at 1,315 feet (401 meters) in the Johnny Florence Karst in Tasmania, South Australia, and is slightly deeper than Australia’s previous record holder, Neagley Cave, which is 1,302 feet (397 meters) deep. located in the same cave system.

However, none of them compare to the deepest known cave in the world, the Verevkin Cave in Abkhazia, Georgia, which reaches 7,257 feet (2,212 meters).

The so-called Variant Delta is connected to the Neagle Caves and Snarling Swallows system in Tasmania, northwest of Hobart, Tasmania’s capital.

An elite team from southern Tasmania discovered the cave after 14 hours underground and after six months of preparation.

The team entered the cave at about 11 am local time last Saturday, July 30, and left at about 1:30 am on Sunday.

Team member Ciara Smart said: “I was definitely nervous, you feel like you’re aware of your death. And although you know you’re safe, it’s pretty scary, and the sound too is the constant roar of a waterfall. You can’t hear anything.” above your breath, it’s scary. Sometimes”.

The cave was named after the Covid mutant “to remind future caves of contemporary events,” the researchers said.

Portions of the cave are named after various COVID-related terms, including “Test Station Queue”, “Super Spreader” and “Daily Cases”, according to ABC.

The explorers are facing difficult conditions underground, in part due to rising water levels from recent Australian winter snowfall.

Source: Daily Mail