Discover the gold reserves of each Arab country

The World Gold Council released a list that was included in its report this December, in which has completed its annual report on the state of gold and reserves held by each country in the world. It is clear from the list published below, in which Saudi Arabia appears to have more reserves than the bottom 9 countries on the list which are free from Mauritania, Sudan, Palestine and Oman.

The latest reports from the World Gold Council point to an increase in global central bank gold reserves over the past nine months, as the latest report for the month of March indicated central bank gold reserves reached 35,244 tons, compared to 35,582 tons in December, which increased by over 335 tons.

Ranking of Arab countries in terms of gold reserves
Ranking of Arab countries in terms of gold reserves

As for the world, first are, as usual, the United States with reserves of 8134 tons, followed by Germany (3364), Italy (2453), France (2436), Russia (2299), China (1948), Switzerland (1040), Japan (765) and India (642) With the Netherlands in tenth place, its central bank owns 612 tons.

Gold prices saw significant fluctuations during 2021, as they recorded their highest levels for the year at $ 1943 an ounce in January, while March saw the lowest level for gold in the year. 2021, at $ 1706 an ounce.

In the months following last March, gold rallied slightly, reaching $ 1794 an ounce at the close of trading on Tuesday.

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