Discover the Unknown Country in the Shield of the King of Urartu

Scientists managed to decipher the inscription on the bronze shield belonging to the king of Urartu Argishti I, thus revealing the name of an unknown country.

Arkeonews indicates that the country in question is called Kareni, as indicated by the ideogram.

The aforementioned shield with a diameter of 40 centimeters was found by scientists in the city of Patnos in eastern Turkey.

In addition to new information about the expansion, the shield contains information about the linguistic features of Urartu, to which the Assyrian cuneiform was adapted.

And king Argishti I is the sixth king of Urartu in 786-764 BC, and he made it a powerful state in Asia Minor after the end of the Hittite era.

It is noteworthy that the state of Urartu arose in the ninth century BC and collapsed in the sixth century BC, it was located on the Armenian Highlands (modern Armenia) and parts of Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan.

Source: News