Discuss investments and trade developments between the Gulf countries and the European Union

The fourth trade and investment dialogue between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the European Union was held at the European Commission headquarters in the Belgian capital, Brussels, to discuss new developments in trade and investment exchanges between the two sides. in light of the ongoing efforts to tackle the pandemic (Covid-19) and its economic repercussions, and the developments in the political situation in the European Union.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary for Political Affairs and Negotiations of the GCC, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Hamad Al-Owaisheq, and by the Director-General of the European Union responsible for the Directorate-General for Trade at the European Commission Leon Delvax, at the presence of the Head of the Mission of the Cooperation Council to the European Union in Brussels, Ambassador Youssef Khalifa Al-Sada.

A number of experts and specialists from the member states of the Cooperation Council, the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Gulf Standardization Organization, the Gulf Statistical Center, the Federation of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Office of the Technical Secretariat for Combating Harmful Practices, the Intellectual Property Training Center, experts and specialists from the European Union, the European Commission, the External Action Service and the European Business Confederation participated in the dialogue .

The two sides discussed trade and investment issues and the future of trade and investment cooperation, as well as regulatory aspects and trade laws, raising the level of sharing of experiences and developments between the two sides, benefiting from the experience of the Union European in the determination of the specifications e standard in commodity matters and the improvement of cooperation between the two sides in these sectors.

The meeting shed light on investment policies in the European Union and in the Cooperation Council for the Gulf Arab States and on investment priorities, with the aim of strengthening relations and cooperation, creating investment opportunities and improving trade and investment exchanges between the two parties in the light of economic diversification programs.

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