Disha Patani admits being bullied by Salman Khan

Disha Patani admitted to being bullied by Salman Khan before filming for Radhe: your most wanted bhai has begun.

This is despite the couple working together in Bharat.

In Radhe, Disha plays a stubborn girl with a “gentle heart”. Meanwhile, Salman takes on the role of a cop.

When on asked him to join the movie, Disha jumped at the chance. She recalled:

“I have one call from SKF (Salman Khan Films) and they asked me if I would like make a movie with them.

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“I went to Sohail sir office and Prabhu sir was there he gave me a small narration and it is how it started. I was on board, I liked it.”

On the work with Salman, Disha said:

“AT first I was intimidated by him, I was working with most grand star of the country but, at the start of filming, we were on the decorations for a couple of days I realized he is very easy going.

“Salman is very cold on the set, we have so much fun being together.

“He is very humble and a very generous actor.”

the song ‘Seeti Maar’ is already a standard hit among fans. Disha revealed that Salman improvised of his dance moves in the song.

She said, “Once he’s there in the frame, nobody wants to watch anyone other.

“His star power is so huge, son booty is too cool.

“But I tried my best, I do not know if i did justice But.

“It is also fun dance with him because he adds Phone small funny things here and there he has great ideas.

“You can learn a lot from him, he’s an improviser.”

On the one something she learned from Salman, Disha revealed:

“I haven’t really learned, but I really admire son booty.

“He has this incredible style when he dances and he doesn’t need do much.

“Even if he is just standing there the scene is going on, the aura around it, the booty is so amazing you can’t really focus on nothing else.”

Disha Patani admits being bullied by Salman Khan

Radhe also stars Jackie Shroff and Randeep Hooda.

Disha Patani shared what it was like job on such a creative film set.

“It was such a pleasure to work with everyone, Mr. Salman, Mr. Prabhu, Mr. Jackie, Randeep.

“I learn so much from each actor because they are all so different from each other and the genre of roles they played. So it was a pleasure!

“Even Prabhu sir as director, it is so useful car he knows exactly what he wants and he shows you too. He is a great actor, so that just becomes very easy.

Radhe will come out in all theaters of operations and on Zee Plex and ZEE5 on May 13, 2021.

Despite the pandemic, Disha Patani is happy the film entertains viewers.

“I smell like it’s a blessing to have a release after a year, if he arrive on OTT or theater or any other platform.

“I hope he will reach as many people as possible and entertains them all, especially at once like this. We really are need this.”

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