Disney and Pixar Movie Lightyear Banned In More than 15 Countries For Including Same-Sex Kiss Scene

More than a dozen Middle Eastern and Asian countries have banned Pixar’s new Toy Story spinoff Because it contains a same-sex kiss scene. Some of these countries are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Kuwait.

One of the producers of Lightyear stated that the Chinese authorities had requested several changes to the film, but Disney had refused to make such changes; therefore, the producer anticipated that the film would not be released in China.

Why is this happening?

In the scene, the new character Alisha fellow space ranger of Buzz. Who marries another woman and shares a kiss with her partner.

Were the bans Expected?

Disney never let Saudi censors watch the movie because they knew it would not be allowed to be shown in that country. But at first, it was allowed to come out in the U.A.E., where censors have started to loosen their rules a little bit in recent years. But the license to show the movie in the U.A.E. was taken away after people in the area took to social media saying that the film and the studio were insulting Muslims and Islam by not taking down the scene. Malaysia has been going in the opposite direction, putting more restrictions on movies that want to be shown in theatres.

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Has Disney responded to this?

Disney hasn’t said anything publicly about the situation yet, but the fact that the movie was banned seems to show that the company wasn’t willing to cut the scene. The Variety article confirms that the Malaysian censorship board asked Disney to change the movie, but Disney said no.