Dispelling Myths: Consuming Coffee, Sour Apples, and Citrus Fruits on an Empty Stomach Does Not Harm Gastric Mucosa, Says Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Andrei Kharitonov, a gastroenterologist, made an interesting announcement that goes against popular belief. He stated that consuming coffee, sour apples, and citrus fruits on an empty stomach does not harm the gastric mucosa.

Evidence against Harmful Effects

Dr. Kharitonov emphasized that there has been no evidence proving that these products, which are often high in acidity, can cause significant harm to the gastric mucosa. He specifically mentioned that synthetic chemical compounds like vinegar extract are exceptions to this.

Exception of Synthetic Chemical Compounds

He clarified, “There is currently no evidence that there are products (with the exception of synthetic chemical compounds such as vinegar extract or other solutions) capable of injuring the gastric mucosa to the point where this becomes dangerous. Therefore, coffee can be drunk on an empty stomach if it does not cause symptoms.”

Myth Busted about Spicy Foods

Additionally, Dr. Kharitonov dispelled the belief that eating spicy foods can cause significant damage to the mucous membrane. On the contrary, he pointed out that capsaicin found in hot peppers can actually improve the condition of the stomach.

Stimulation of Microcirculation

He noted, “Spicy foods can also stimulate microcirculation, which is necessary to protect the mucous membrane.”

Source: Newspaper “Izvestia”

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