Dissolution of the office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey..a decision from Ankara and die Signature of the guide

New details revealed die Decision of the Brotherhood, its Administrative Office and the Shura Council in dissolve Turkey and die Elections of the country, die for this July were slated to postpone six months.

Reliable sources shared with Al-Arabiya.net with that die Decision was made under the guidance of the Turkish authorities and Ibrahim Munir, the general leader of the group, was forced to look into it and sign it.

She pointed out that one of the reasons for this move was a group from the Egyptian Brotherhood die Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement refused.

The reasons also included a meeting of several leaders of this group with the head of the Happiness Party against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, die offered to finance it financially and politically.

financial disagreement

In addition to the previous justifications, there were financial and administrative irregularities in the group’s office, die uncovered by previous audio leaks from leader Amir Bassam, who confirmed that die Leader of the Brotherhood Real Estate, Property and Funds for die group in their names and the names of their sons.

In addition, revealed die Sources that there are many objections to this within the Brotherhood die Performance and direction of the group, especially since it was only elected by four of the Brotherhood’s foreign offices and when it was elected it abolished the so-called Foreign Office and, under the leadership of Mahmoud Hussein, took over die control over die Financial and administrative matters.

While those die were close to her, received financial privileges, die in monthly salaries in excess of $ 3,500 per person were represented, die Nationality and permanent residence in Turkey as well as educational and university scholarships while depriving those who die the other team led by Amr Daraj, Ali Batich and Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, of all these submissions.

Dissolution of the office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey..a decision from Ankara and die Signature of the guide

Ibrahim Mounir

The sources also saw that die Decision to dissolve the group and Shura Council office also aimed to die Violations of this group and their involvement in the financial embezzlement and looting of Brotherhood property and funds, as well as the allocation of investments in to cover up her name. die Names of their families and children.

She stressed that all these factors were behind the Turkish guidelines to abolish the administrative office and hold elections after 6 months to choose new faces, die die Group can reunite, and the Turkish regime cannot in To involve crises in Egypt.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Associated Press)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Associated Press)

She added that Ibrahim Mounir and die Leaders of the international organization responded to these instructions and it was decided to die person responsible for the guide to sign.

Mounir, the incumbent general leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, decided a few days ago to dissolve the administrative office and the Shura council, with his elections being postponed by 6 months.

This happened after die Group had decided to expel its members from Turkey and in other countries to go, led by Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Malaysia and a number of Balkan countries.

It is noteworthy that all these Brotherhood developments began months ago with the tentative rapprochement between Cairo and Ankara.

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