DJ Khaled Fan In Skimpy Clothes Won’t Stop Twerking For Him On IG Live And He Asks: ‘Talk To Me Normal!’

One DJ Khaled fan revealed the star a bit excessive love throughout a live session on IG! The female can be seen appearing on screen in really exposing clothes, consisting of the smallest string bra and really brief pink shorts, taking him by surprise.

And then, she begins twerking and he gets back at more surprised!

DJ Khaled might hardly include his smile however at the very same time, he firmly insisted that what she was doing was incorrect and attempted to cover his eyes or avert numerous times, without excessive success.

The male pled the bold fan to ‘speak with [him] regular’ over and over once again, worrying that he has a spouse and family.

As you might understand, the DJ is wed with 2 kids and would rather not have complete strangers twerking for him on social media.

Nevertheless, as much as he attempted to stop what was going on right prior to his eyes, he still certainly enjoyed it.

If you have actually currently seen the clip that is ending up being viral currently, you understand Khaled might hardly include his smile seeing the appealing woman.

Everything began with the celebrity talking with random fans on the app live however eventually, this specific fan appeared, using the intriguing clothes and all set to show him her relocations.

‘I got love and everything, but I got family,’ he argued, his eyes entirely bulging out of his head.

However she did not stop! In truth, she just intensified the show, going to get a bottle of water that she then soaked her behind while she continued twerking.

‘Talk to me normal, talk to me normal,’ he firmly insisted without success.

In completion, he had no option however to stop and end the stream what she was doing.


After the video began spreading out all over, DJ Khaled shared it on his IG with the caption: ‘I have love for everyone. Please take it easy when I am on fan luv IG luv. Again I have love for everyone. Please let’ s be considerate. Absolutely nothing however like BLESS UP!’

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