Do British laser-guided missiles solve the problems of the Ukrainian army?

The British newspaper The Telegraph stated that the life of Russian soldiers would turn into hell.

This is after the Prime Minister of Great Britain, during his recent visit to Kyiv, promised to supply Ukraine with a batch of Brimstone-2 laser-guided missiles.

The newspaper indicated that each missile costs the British government $207,000, but did not name the number of missiles that would be sent to the Ukrainian army.

It is noteworthy that the Brimstone-2 is an air-to-surface missile that, when launched from an aircraft, flies up to 60 km. In the event that it is launched from a ground platform, its operating range does not exceed 12 kilometers.

Since Ukraine does not have aircraft, its army will have to launch these missiles from trucks and use them as anti-tank weapons. And these missiles will not solve any problems, since he announced that Brimstone-2 is a precision weapon. However, with the help of a high-precision missile flying at a distance of only 12 km, it is impossible to solve any problem, since this distance does not exceed the tactical depth. So you can call it a melee weapon. In order for these weapons to play any role in an offensive operation, their numbers must be very large, knowing that the missile crews must be protected.

Former commander of the Russian Air Force special forces, Sergei Khatylev, said: “To achieve success in an offensive using modern weapons, factors are important, including the speed of fire, high maneuverability, stealth and maneuverability. the ability to hit targets in the depths of defense and on a wide front. Regarding Brimstone 2 missiles, it does not have these characteristics, and Tornado and Typhoon fighters use it in Britain, and the Ukrainian army intends to use it from trucks.

Source: Russian newspaper