do not do it use racist word “plunder”, experts in we media advise

The latest rope of crush-and-grab attacks on high-end stores in California should not to be called looting because it would be racist, two criminal justice the experts said media and police.

The lesson on linguistics came after San Francisco Bay area police departments had described a series of blatant thefts in luxury stores over the weekend as looting. Lorenzo Boyd, a professor of criminal justice And community police at the university of New Haven, he told ABC7 news channel on Tuesday that the term has strong racial connotations and is typically used when “people of the color or the city dwellers are doing something ”. Boyd, a former deputy sheriff in Boston, he’s gone on state that when people of different ethnicity “do the exact same thing” tale criminal the acts are rarely called looting.

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Martin Reynolds, co-executive director of the Robert C. Maynard Institute of Journalism education, agree, saying that “it seems like it’s an organized robbery. This doesn’t seem like it like looting. ”

Both experts concluded that the media should be careful in their choice of words, like “people draw your own conclusions if the terminologies you use they are related to peoplesta understanding of how have been used in the past” Reynolds said. The two experts speculated that some newspapers had intentionally chosen the word “looting”, in an offer to connect the crime revelry at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Boyd and Reynolds’ advice was criticized online, with many conservatives on social media saying that expert comments were nothing more than crazed political correctness or a diversionary tactic aimed at diverting attention away from the actual crime problem.

Over the weekend, Southern California saw several “wreck and grab” attacks. on luxury stores as well as at least one pharmacy, where groups totaling 50 criminals brazenly stole clothing, jewelry and other goods, only to flee the scene in cars. It even went as far as physical violence when dozens stormed a Nordstrom store on Saturday night, two employees kick and punch and another pepper spray one.

Some have suggested that criminals are knowingly taking advantage of it of The California law that took effect in 2014 and establishing that an individual has captured shoplifted goods that are worth less than $ 950 in total will go via with an accusation of wrongdoing. Critics say this lenient approach only serves to support thieves.

California Governor Gavin Newsom was sworn in on monday to come down hard on the robbers, adding that he wants “people tried and us want people to feel safe ». His message was echoed by San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin who he said he would file a crime report against nine criminals recently arrested.

Incidentally, similar “smash and grab” thefts have also been reported up north, in Chicago.

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