Do not let us receive back home is a shame – Commentator Slater lambasted Australian Prime Minister Morrison

Australia has shut because of its borders and not allow commercial flights from India of the massive COVID-19 spike here that led to all of this players, support Staff and commentators, who could have wanted leave the IPL in a fix.

The government has made it clear that Australian who are engaged in The IPL must make its own arrangements.

“If our government cared for the safety of They would be Aussies allow us to get home. It’s a shame !! blood on Your hands PM. How dare you treat us like these. How about you sort it out out quarantine system. I had government Permission to work on I have the IPL now government Neglect, “Slater tweeted.

A five-threat year jail term or strong and good, the Australian government temporarily its citizens from entry in locked the country if they happened to be in India within 14 days of their intended arrival.

The decision was announced after a meeting of the national cabinet last Friday and came in force From Monday.

The move aims to die Maintain spread of COVID-19 in check in Australia is like India facing a wave in Cases.

The decision was also based on the amount of overseas traveler in quarantine in Australia, who have die Infected in India, according to Health Secretary Greg Hunt.

Three Australians players left the IPL before the travel ban force. The ban is about to end on May 15. Up to 14 Australians players compete in the IPL.

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