Do Not Overlook These Two Awesome WhatsApp Features!

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There is no doubt that WhatsApp has become indispensable in daily life. It is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, with over two billion users.

However, there are two important features that are not used by many in the application, while making messaging easier, as revealed by the British newspaper “The Sun”.

The first property

The ability to place a conversation with someone in top of the application conversations, i.e. via the “Pin”, in so that it always remains in first floor.

This feature allows the user to constantly remember the people he loves, because his conversations with them always appear to him as soon as he opens the application, and he does not withdraw in background because it has received new messages.

The second property

Star a message. The purpose of this process is that unwanted messages are saved in the “starred messages” field. Users can mark messages of particular importance to them or messages with useful information such as addresses and information.

To view these messages that have been marked with a star, the user can go to the Settings section, then he can access the messages he has selected in precedence.

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