Do patriots cheat on video cassettes? Consideration of evidence from both sides of the NFL investigation

The Patriots, who, in 2007, were fined $ 250,000 and anchored in a first-round draft pick as a result of the infamous Spygate scandal, do not benefit from the doubt as the subject of illegal video complaints.

Again, New England can’t be foolish enough to do it again, can it?

The NFL is investigating photos seized by a Patriots official who saw the field recordings from the press box during Sunday’s Browns-Bengals game. The Patriots, who are preparing to play the Bengals this week, claim they do not register the Cincinnati coaches’ marks as suspicious. Rather, the Pats say they put in background footage for a video feature on the day-to-day work of the advanced scouting department.

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Both the Bengals and the NFL, who were not informed of the presence of the Patriots at the Cleveland game (the Browns certify the film crew for the game), have a copy of the film, which is now out of New H’s hands. England as the league investigates.

The film should make it clear that New England has violated the NFL’s policy of filming opponents. the Patriots have already admitted so much in a statement issued Monday night. So the question is why they did it and to what extent?

Is this a continuation of the genre in the Spygate scandal, in which the Patriots deliberately cheated, or just a misunderstanding and, as New England claims, an inadvertent surveillance by the film crew?

Here are two aspects of the story, along with various accounts mentioned in the media and a statement by the patriots.

DECORCY: Patriots face credibility issue in defense of video tape

Because patriots can be guilty of cheating

A source told ESPN that “a Bengals employee was watching the videographer / cameraman identifying himself as Robert Kraft’s employee. The Bengals employee was watching the screen and (…) the shooting was by the Bengals coaches and staff on the sidelines for the entire 1st quarter. “

According to Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic, who cited sources who saw the footage, “it shows about eight minutes of footage focusing on recording the side of the Bengals. It’s not an over-the-shoulder advanced person to do This is the side-shoot for a long time. The exquisite nature of the video is the reason it started the fire it made during the game with the Bengals in the press. “

More on Pats / Bengals: The patriot videographer put his tripod in front of the Bengals scouts in the Cleveland box. So one of them showed it to another employee, who took him to a league official.

The NFL official then took the SD cards of the Pats video.

– Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) December 9, 2019

When the videographer / cameraman was confronted and interviewed by Bengals / NFL security, “he asked if they could just delete the video and forget it all,” according to ESPN.

In a statement, the Patriots acknowledged that the production crew “inappropriately shot the field from the press box”.

The incident happened a week before New England was scheduled to play Cincinnati, which has first-year coach Zac Taylor. As ESPN points out, there are advantages we need to gain in filming the signals used by the first year coaching staff.

Most playback calls are radio, some not. There are advantages to filming a 1st year secondary coach and 1st year DC. Radio and signaling function. So the base game will come through the handset, the settings will be signaled.

– Dianna (@diannaESPN) December 9, 2019

While the Browns endorsed the video game credentials, the Patriots failed to alert the NFL and Bengals of their intention to gain footage in Cleveland.

These allegations of deception bear a striking resemblance to the Spygate 2007 scandal for which the Patriots were punished. The following excerpt comes from an ESPN 2015 research piece that rejects New England’s measures to film opponents’ messages and games: “Patriot videographers were required to resemble members of the media, they put the credentials that Patriots TV or Kraft Productions used to say. The videographers also had excuses for what to say about NFL security if they asked what they were doing: Tell them backpackers or kickers. teamwork. “

Because patriots can be innocent

The Patriots claim the video was in the Browns-Bengals game “to capture a part of a longer feature in the Patriots investigation, in this case a Patriots pro detector while working in the press box.” The seven previous episodes of the “Do Your Job” series of videos have been archived at

While the Patriots acknowledged that the video game inappropriately destroyed the field from the press box, they said there was no intention of using the material for any other purpose: “We understand and acknowledge that our video clip, which included independent contractors ignorant of a championship policy, turning the field and sideline out of the press box. When challenged, the crew immediately returned all footage to the championship and fully cooperated.

During a radio interview Monday night, New England coach Bill Belichic claimed he and the football staff had nothing to do with the team’s production staff. “We’ve never seen anything that has been shot,” he said, “except that it went down on television.”

According to The Washington Post, no severe penalties are expected as a result of the NFL investigation, which suggests that the video revision championship has seen nothing like deception.

• The Bengals, 1-12, are the worst team in the NFL. Why do the Patriots 10-3 need the advantage of the signals registered before Week 15 play?

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