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Doctor Explains Nutritional Needs During Illness

Dr. Georgie Sabigo announced that in case of colds and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, you can even eat fast food to feel full.

In an interview with Sputnik radio, Sabego told how to eat when sick and who should not skip meals.

According to him, in case of a cold or inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, the patient’s sense of smell weakens, the taste of the foods he takes also changes, and his appetite may disappear. But to fight viral infections, the body needs nutrients, including children.

He says: “In children under eight years of age, skipping one meal while sick causes their blood glucose levels to drop, causing them to feel nauseous, lethargic, and smell like acetone. This frightens relatives and baffles doctors. you need to feed regularly and periodically with what you like. The worst thing is when a child wants to eat, but parents force him to follow a “light” diet and this is very common, but wrong.

As for the elderly, during illness they tend to limit themselves in food. However, the lack of complex nutrition during illness can lead to further deterioration in their health. Therefore, they must be forced to eat.

He adds that it is good to eat chicken broth during illness, as it stimulates the secretion of mucus and eases the cough. In general, with a cold and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, you can even eat fast food.

He says: “The patient usually wants to eat something hot and salty, with a pleasant taste. Fast food will help. As you know, seasonal colds do not last long, so in a short time these products will not cause any harm. period.”

The doctor notes that dairy products should be handled with caution during illness. Because with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, as well as with a cold, the activity of the lactose cleavage enzyme decreases. It is also not recommended to eat hot food at a high body temperature. Because hot drinks and foods increase body temperature.

And he adds that, as for drugs, they must be taken according to the prescription and instructions for them. There are medications that need to be taken an hour before a meal, others an hour or two after a meal, and still others with a meal because this affects their absorption rate. Antipyretic drugs also irritate the stomach, so they are recommended to be taken during or immediately after a meal.

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