Doctor Reveals Nutrients Accelerating the Aging Process

Russian doctor and nutritionist Elena Tikhomirova said that aging is a natural process that cannot be avoided, but can be slowed down, including with the help of proper nutrition.

The doctor pointed out that the list of foods to avoid includes, first of all, sweets and other fast carbohydrates, as they quickly enter the bloodstream and cause spikes in insulin levels, which negatively affects the body. She added that salty foods and alcohol also contribute to the acceleration of aging, as they cause bloating.

In addition, she says it’s good for young people to cook at home more often because restaurants often have food saltier to improve taste.

And the doctor came to the conclusion that “observance of the correct diet, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise and good sleep are the main rules that must be followed in order to stop aging.”

Source: RIA Novosti