Doctor Strange’s most brutal student reveals just how dangerous they really are

ATTENTION: the following contains important spoilers for Strange Academy # 12, available now from Marvel.

Strange Academy has never been particularly safe place for the next generation of Masters of the Mystical Arts to study. However, these young Magic-using students of Doctor Strange never expected them to end up facing off against one of own, even if possessed by a malevolent force. Luckily there is one student in particular who knows all about this, and Dessi has just made it clear which has always been the most dangerous thing on campus n Strange Academy # 12 by Skottie Young, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado and Clayton Cowles from VC.

Calvin has always had a hard time, and now more so that never after his magical jacket finally turned out to be none other than Mister Misery. The creature was originally created by Doctor Strange in an effort to get around her pain, but Mister Misery has only become a certifiable threat of its the same. After narrowly surviving theirs last encounter, misery has found a new way to hit back to Strange. There is nothing more that Misery Morse wants more than to inflict and subsequently nurture on pain of others, but one of Calvin’s pupils might as well be a walking buffet. Dessy, daughter of the demonic S’ym, has not problem offering a taste of misery of the pain it brings with her.

Dessy, whose full name is in reality Despair, it is far from the average demon. Her father S’ym has long been the most important demon in All of Limbo. While there have been others more powerful digits in that kingdom, S’ym has always been in feet out in the crowd, e for good reason. Now it has become clear that Dessy passed the best (or worse) of her father’S abilities, even if they are not entirely comparable.

Dessy may not have the strength of S’ym, but he does have a creepy one ability to see the pain in all things, which apparently arrives with also know how to control it. Despite the fact that Mister Misery literally outlives himself on the suffering of others, what triggers Dessy on he is too much to deal with with. Misery is reduced beg for the young demon to bring via pain.

Seeing Mister Misery being eaten is a disturbing sight, even if it isn’t first time that happened. When Doctor Strange defeated Misery the first time, the Sorcerer Supreme also consumed it, even though it wasn’t in able to hold everything down. In case of Dessy, however, is hard imagine that he will find some difficulty in That. Hopefully this means that Mister Misery is now gone for good. If nothing else, at least the others know just how powerful Dessy really is. With any luck, none of they will meet again on her bad side in any time soon.

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