Dodge to resurrect the “Fratzog” logo for new electric vehicles

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis speaks on August 13, 2021 during a media event. In back, the Fratzog logo was used in conjunction with that of Dodge current logo.

Michael Wayland / CNBC

DETROIT – Dodge will be use a throwback logo called “Fratzog” for his next electrified vehiclesCEO Tim Kuniskis told CNBC.

The Fratzog – a made up word of a designer – it was initially used by Dodge from 1962 to 1976. It features a divided deltoid made of three arrowhead shapes that form a three-pointed star. The new version And designed be three-dimensional and include LED lighting.

“It looks damn close like something Doc Brown would have done, “Kuniskis said, referring to the fictional inventor of” Back to the Future “during a recent dragster run. event in Suburban Detroit. “It looks very futuristic and electrified, and it’s ours history, which is what we do “.

The Fratzog – a made up word of a designer – it was initially used by Dodge from 1962 to 1981.


The resurrected logo was first shown last month on a Dodge concept vehicle which was anticipated by his Stellantis parent company during an “EV Day” for investors. Dodge also he used the logo next to his current red striped one to drag racing “Roadkill Night powered by Dodge” event, which every year attracts dozens of thousands of people in Pontiac, Michigan.

Stellantis – the car manufacturer merged between Fiat Chrysler and the French car manufacturer PSA Groupe – plans invest at least 35.5 billion dollars (30 billion euros) in electric vehicles And supporting technologies until 2025.

Kuniskis said the Fratzog is not meant to be a sub-brand of Dodge. It will be used on electric vehicles as a way to separate them from the others models, according to Kuniskis. He declined to specify whether the new the logo will be used exclusively on fully electric vehicles or also include hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

Dodge, which has positioned itself as a muscle car brand, it should better detail its electrification plans in fourth quarter come on of by launching a plug-in hybrid model in 2022 is an electric whole muscle car in 2024. The concept with the Fratzog logo is expected to be unveiled in advance next yearKuniskis said.

The logo is a way to easily identify the vehicles without changing theirs design features, which potentially mean the brand will have new vehicles offering gas, electric or hybrid systems for power the vehicles. It is similar to that of Dodge current strategy of offering different levels of performance – mainly V-6 and V-8 engines – in his lineup of vehicles, including its famous Hellcat logo for a line of current 700 horses in more models.

“We do not want them to look radically different because we want all of you to be part of of the same thing, “Kuniskis said, referring to Dodge’s so-called” Brotherhood ” of “Muscular” property community. “So, we said, ‘OK’, if you have electrification in your car, we don’t want you’ll yell, “I have electrification.”

A designer at Dodge’s then .parent Chrysler Corp. made up the word Fratzog for the logo, according to a spokesperson.

The Fratzog logo was used during a teaser video of an upcoming electric Dodge concept car during Stellantis “EV Day” in July 2021.


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