Does Bradley Cooper find solace in his role as a single father after the failure of a relationship with Irina Shayk and Lady Gaga?

A new report says Bradley Cooper is heartbroken after his missed romances with his partner and baby mom, Irina Shayk and even Lady Gaga! According to Life & Style Weekly, Bradley was devastated by the fact that he was so unlucky with love that he now makes his two-year-old daughter Lea the center of his life. Bradley and Irina broke up shortly after the success of his film A Star is Born featuring Lady Gaga. People were convinced that Bradley and Lady Gaga had fallen in love with the film, but Gaga said it was all an act. Since the split, Bradley and Irina have been Lea’s co-parents and are frequently photographed in New York, taking turns taking care of their daughter.

Not everyone believes that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were content to act and many rumors have suggested that the relationship between Bradley and Irina had ended because of the undeniable chemistry that existed between Lady Gaga and Bradley.

When Bradley and Irina broke up, people thought Lady and Bradley were going to be a couple, but it never happened. Lady Gaga was linked to Daniel Horton and Bradley went solo.

Now Bradley Cooper’s latest photos and videos show the number one woman in his life and that’s his daughter Lea.

Bradley Cooper is seen with his daughter Lea, two years old, before boxing via @DailyMailCeleb

– polinakitroef (@polinakitroef) November 28, 2019

There are still people who do not believe that Bradley and Lady Gaga act when it comes to their chemistry. While various award-winning shows are being prepared, there is still the possibility that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will be reunited on red carpets again. If Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga choose to sit apart, people say that it will only convince them that they were a couple and that they broke up.

When Gaga and Cooper attended the awards competitions in 2018 and early 2019, they were almost inseparable, even when they were standing in front of Irina!

What do you think? Did Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga make you think that their relationship was more than just playing?


Do you agree with the information suggesting that Bradley Cooper is heartbroken after losing Irina and Lady Gaga and focuses solely on Little Lea?

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