Does Egypt make the Nile River the biggest project in Africa?

Egyptian Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir confirmed that Egypt attaches great importance at the highest level to the navigation corridor project between Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea.

The minister said that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi had instructed the launch of the first ministerial meeting of transport ministers in the Nile Basin countries in light of the strategic importance of this project and its important role in achieving regional integration and its contribution to the development of Africa. Agenda for infrastructure programs for 2063, starting the activities of the first part of the second phase. From the feasibility study of the “VICMED” project and agreeing on an action plan for the next steps related to the project, in order to benefit from the large competitive advantages of river transport in fuel savings, reducing road maintenance costs, reducing bottlenecks, reducing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, working to open up new markets for investment, especially since the initial pre-feasibility studies of the project confirm its positiveness in terms of economic, environmental and social aspects.

He pointed out that the Lake Victoria-Mediterranean shipping route project is part of the President’s Infrastructure Initiative, with Egypt as the sponsor of the project, and aims to provide navigation on the Nile River. from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean, which gives coastal countries access to the Mediterranean Sea and enhances regional integration, and is also considered the shortest route connecting basin countries and landlocked countries within the continent, those that do not face seas or oceans .

The connection between Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea is not only a navigation corridor, but also an integrated development project that will include many projects and services along the corridor, such as a motorway, data-to-internet cable between participating countries, electrical interconnection lines , railway lines, the construction of hotels, the provision of ship and car catering services, the creation of tourist resorts overlooking the picturesque landscapes of Africa, which will lead to the economic recovery of the countries of the continent participating in the project.

The project will allow participating countries to trade crops and grow them across borders, as project countries can farm, such as in Sudan, Uganda, or Burundi, instead of growing crops in water scarce areas, such as Egypt.

The development corridor project connecting Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea through the Nile River, which includes a navigation corridor, road, railway, electrical connection and information cable to achieve the comprehensive development of the Nile Basin countries, is the largest in the continent.

And former Egyptian Minister of Irrigation Mohamed Abdel-Ati said that the navigation corridor project connecting Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean illustrates the difference between a unilateral project and a collective project. There are countries locked in the Nile basin, such as South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Ethiopia, when the outlet to the sea is made for them through the River, many things will change in it.

He pointed out that “Lake Victoria is suffering from high levels, which creates problems for citizens. If a navigation corridor and roads were built, there would be interdependence among the peoples of the Nile. We imagine if a citizen took a boat from Alexandria and took it to Lake Victoria, it would be a pleasure, since the pleasure of a tourist belongs to us. When he takes a boat from Luxor to Aswan to see antiquities, not to mention if he goes to Lake Victoria and sees the Nile and lives in nature with citizens from other countries. and sees the diversity of people and civilizations. From the countries participating in the project, and even Ethiopia, which asked to participate in it.

Source: RT