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Dog The Bounty Hunter Says He Proposed To Moon Angell Because He Knew She Would Say No– Admits He Would Like To Be More Than Friends


Dong the Bounty Hunter has actually remained in the headings recently for his relationship with his late other half’s former assistant. Moon Angell is no longer living with him, he is open to a relationship with her.

Moon was presumably just there to keep a careful eye on the reality star who took Beth Chapman’s death exceptionally hard. Now that he is no longer having self-destructive ideas, Angell has actually left the structure.

On an episode of Dr. Oz, Dog proposed to his pal who turned him down– something that he knew she would do.

In a special with Home entertainment Tonight, he admits that he might have humiliated the lady by asking her to be his other half however he felt that was the only method to put the reports that they were dating to rest.

Nevertheless, he goes on to say that he is super lonesome and would most likely have a relationship with Moon Angell if she was open to it.

‘Yes, I am going to be honest with you, brother. Yeah, I think I would have because it was more accessible.’

He went on to say that Moon informed him directly: “No one will ever like you like Beth did. You much better stop trying to find that because there is no lady alive that will ever like you like that.’ Guy or lady, you are looking for that once again when you lose a partner. You look for that and for somebody to inform you that, it kind of stopped me dead in my tracks. I’m like, wow, so she’s sort of cold-blooded. She understands how to stop me which’s sort of a direct point.’

He likewise discussed the state of his relationship with his children.

Child Lyssa infamously exposed that Moon dated her sibling and was putting her clothing in the closet where her departed stepmother’s clothing were.


Because they have actually been ‘brawling’ given that the death of his partner,

Dog stated that he has to ‘restaple’ everyone.

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