Doha .. Tuesday, conclusion of the tour of the original version of the FIFA World Cup

Doha: The cultural village “Katara” in the capital of Qatar, Doha, will witness the conclusion of the promotional tour of the original version of the FIFA World Cup on Tuesday, approximately six months before the start of the “FIFA Qatar 2022” World Championship. The closing ceremony will be held on the shores of Doha Bay and will include cultural, entertainment and singing activities, in preparing to throw the cup in a regional and global tour, according to the Anatolian correspondent. Fans will attend the closing ceremony, in the presence of prominent sports personalities, including Cafu, one of the legends of Brazilian football, who has twice won the World Cup with his country. The promotional tour for the World Cup will continue between May 5-10 and has varied between areas that include official and cultural institutions and public places that contain entertainment destinations. This tour is an opportunity for fans and families to watch the cup which will be played by 32 teams, two of which will play the Qatar World Cup final at Lusail Stadium on December 18th. Khaled Ali Al-Mawlawi, Deputy Director General for Marketing, Communication and Championship Experience at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy of Qatar, expressed his delight at the festive atmosphere that accompanied the promotional tour during the Eid (Al-Fitr) festival, which saw extensive interaction with the public. Al-Mawlawi continued, in statements on the site web of the committee on Monday, that “the promotional tour of the original cup that was launched in all of Qatar during the Eid holidays achieved considerable success. “And he added:” He saw a great participation of football fans and the public in general, and reinforced the enthusiastic atmosphere in we live in in these days, with less than 200 days remaining until the launch of the largest sporting event in the Arab world and the Region. “Qatar will witness another round of the original World Cup, which will conclude in Doha, before the whistle blows for the opening match of the tournament at Al-Bayt Stadium on 21 November. The World Cup is the largest and most important tournament in the world of football and the Qatar version of the tournament will be the closest in World Cup history. The eight stages of the tournament are within one hour of auto from downtown Doha, giving fans an unprecedented opportunity to watch more than one match in one day during the group stage. Qatar also offers advanced passenger transport options, including a modern metro network, highways and electric buses. This edition of the tournament is the first in the Arab world and in Middle East and offers a unique platform to introduce Qatar and the Arab world to the world. (Anatolia)