Dolphin: The Ultimate Solution for Playing Nintendo Games on PC

Dolphin, or the promise of finding Nintendo games on PC

Dolphin, or the promise of finding Nintendo games on PC

To play Nintendo games, it’s very simple, you must have a console of the Japanese giant. Impossible to transgress this rule which may seem perfectly logical, but which nevertheless limits the choice of possibilities. Especially whenon looks at Nintendo’s catalog of past games. The firm obviously retains control of its licenses and tries to make a maximum of its old games on the Switch with the subscription offer onlinebut this still greatly restricts accessibility to games which then become unavailable.

To fight against this phenomenon, it is not uncommon to see emulators emerge on PC. This is particularly the case of Dolphin, a reference in the field which makes it easier to access Gamecube and Wii games, with a ton of functionalities in prime. The emulator is available on the site web official, but it was to experience a real revival when it arrived in the Steam catalog, the number one platform for PC gamers. Except that unfortunately, this arrival is simply canceled.

Dolphin on Steam, it’s over (definitely)

In terms of intellectual property, on knows it, Nintendo is intransigent and categorically refuses that theon manipulates its licenses without son authorisation. In the case of emulators, it remains more complex since there is a kind of legal vagueness that allows them to survive, under certain conditions. To fight effectively against them, Nintendo therefore prefers to attack the sites that distribute/host them and this is more or less what happened in the case of Dolphin, whose Steam page had recently been taken down.

A long press release was shared on of the emulator, revealing the details of the situation and confirming the bad news in passing: Dolphin will not arrive on Steam, that’s for sure. First of all, the Dolphin teams specify that Nintendo did not contact them directly, but that Valve took care of it.

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