Dominic Raab: We share concerns with Saudi Arabia about Iranian threats التهديدات

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab confirmed that his country die Shares Saudi Arabia’s concern over Iranian threats.

He pointed out that British officials are their Saudi counterparts in die Atmosphere of the Viennese talks about die move Iranian nuclear files. Raab added: Tehran should not have nuclear capabilities in the military field, and we will die destabilizing activities of Iran in Restrict the region and hold him accountable.

In relation to die navigation in on the Strait of Hormuz, Raab said: Freedom of navigation and nuclear weapons are related to the global system and it is not a personal matter, but only related to a specific goal.

And the UK Foreign Secretary called for Iran to be held accountable for its “malicious activities”.

Regarding the situation in Yemen, Dominic Raab said: The hostile behavior of the Houthis and Iranians must be reduced. The head of British diplomacy announced that his country is working with Riyadh to counter cyber attacks.

Dominic Raab has die The existing cooperation between Great Britain and Saudi Arabia not lost sight of in order to counter the corona pandemic in the medical and logistical field and to raise awareness of die Fighting the virus, die Limiting its spread and die Sharpening the Kingdom’s supply of vaccines.

British-Saudi cooperation extends to environmental issues and die Tackling climate change, as he said: Saudi Arabia and the UK are moving towards more renewable energy production in pursuit of a green future. He greeted die green initiatives of the Saudi crown prince and described them as necessary.

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