Donald Trump Jr. Shares Racist ‘Kung-Flu Kid’ Coronavirus Meme About His Dad

Donald Trump Jr. shared this “Karate Kid”- themed meme of his daddy beating coronavirus to Instagram with the offensive caption: “Hahahahaha ’The Kung-Flu Kid.”

President Donald Trump’s oldest kid posted the clip Thursday as the U.S. ended up being the nation with the highest variety of validated cases on the planet.

Nationwide the infection has actually sickened around 85,000 individuals and eliminated a minimum of 1,300 Worldwide there have actually been 530,000 cases and 24,000 deaths.

The term “Kung-Flu” acquired traction recently after CBS press reporter Weijia Jiang alleged a White House staffer utilized it to explain the coronavirus.

President Trump himself, on the other hand, has actually amassed prevalent criticism for consistently calling it the “Chinese Virus,” versus World Health Organization recommendations to not utilize geographical descriptors to prevent stigmatization.

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