“Don’t Bother Watching Content” … Learn more about Alexa Assistant for Kids

If you fear for your kids on the Internet, don’t worry, there is a copy of Amazon’s “Alexa smart assistant.” for Kids “, which monitors and filters the content they access. So you can let your kids use it to help them with their homework without having to watch them all the time.

Alexa for Kids is working to refine the results that appear in the songs and YouTube apps to be more suitable for your kids.

You can also access Smart Assistant for free from the parent’s account, through the Amazon Kids Smart Speaker, or any Amazon smart speaker you own.

The children’s version only works with smart speakers, as Amazon’s smart screens aren’t supported yet.

And you can set a timer to use the smart speaker via Alexa for kids, which means preventing your child from accessing it before bed, for example.

And when you enable Alexa for kids, the changes include things other than retouched content, as Alexa’s voice changes to become softer and quieter.

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