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Dortmund accompanies Manchester City to the round of 16 of the Champions League

Berlin: The German team, Borussia Dortmund, accompanied by Manchester City, qualified for the round of 16 of the European Football Championship after the goalless draw during the match that brought them together today, Tuesday, in the fifth and penultimate round of the Group G competition, which also saw the victory of Sevilla, Spanish, over Copenhagen, Denmark, 3-0. . Both teams failed to take advantage of all the chances they had in front of the two goals to score every point. Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez missed a penalty kick in the 58th minute. Manchester City raised the score to 11 points in lead the table, knowing he was in his round of 16 qualification ahead of today’s game, while Dortmund lifted the score to eight points in second place. With this result, Borussia Dortmund secured qualification for the round of 16 regardless of the results of the last round, especially as they overcame Sevilla in head-to-head matches, as Dortmund won 4/1 in the first leg and drew 1 / 1 on return. The start of the mid-level match arrives and Manchester City immediately imposes control of the game and continues their attacking attempts in search of the goal, while Borussia Dortmund retires to midfield and relies on counter attacks every time they have had the chance. The first few minutes of the match they did not see serious attempts by the two teams, until 15 ‘, which saw the prime dangerous chances for Dortmund, when Karim Adeymi was alone with Manchester City goalkeeper Stephan Ortega from right-hand survivor, but Adeymi hit the ball into the goalkeeper’s body. After that attack, Manchester City continued to control the course of the match and their offensive attempts continued to look for a loophole in Dortmund’s defense to launch attacks, but failed in this, in the light of the Dortmund players who have retired to midfield, to limit the game to midfield. And in the 36th minute a dangerous opportunity for Dortmund when Karim Adeymi passed a cross from the right, which was met by Youssoufa Mukoko with a shot from inside thearea six o’clock yard, but he passed close to the right post. The remainder of the first half passed without anything new, before the referee whistled and ended goalless. With the start of the second half the Manchester City team intensified their attacking attempts in search of the goal to advance, on the other hand Borussia Dortmund continued to rely on narrowing the spaces and throwing counter attacks whenever had the opportunity. The first minutes of the match saw no danger until the 57th minute, when the referee awarded a penalty after Emre Chan blocked Riyad Mahrez inside.area of rigor. Mahrez scored the penalty in the 58th minute, but Dortmund goalkeeper Gergor Kopel shone and saved. And Manchester City nearly opened the scoring in the 67th minute when the ball was played in area penalty to reach Julian Alvarez at the border of thearea six o’clock yard to hit a powerful ball that Copil saved and bounced off Phil Foden, but Copil shone and pushed via the ball. Manchester City’s offensive attempts continued in search of a goal to advance, and surrounded the Dortmund side in the center of its stadium, but the German side’s players stubbornly defended their goal, until the referee whistled at the end of the game goalless drawing. In the second game, the Spanish side Sevilla defeated their Danish host Copenhagen 3-0. Sevilla goals Youssef Al-Nasri, Isco and Gonzalo Montiel scored in the 61st and 88th minutes and the second overtime for the match. The match saw the dismissal of Davit Khosholava, a player of Copenhagen, in the fifth minute of added time. Sevilla raised the score to five points in third place and Copenhagen’s balance stopped at two points in the last fourth place. (Dpa)


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