Dota 2 update on June 18 – Modified cosmetics

Valve released a new Vapor update for DOTA 2 today. The patch contains 2 categories, some cosmetics are adjusted and there are tons of improvements for the English localization.

The update now it can be downloaded on Stem, normally the patch should download automatically as soon when you open Steam.

  • Client Version 4891
  • Build 6896069

Notes on patch by Dota 2 June 18


  • Updated localization files for Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian , Vietnamese, English and Russian


  • Modified Economic Item: Blackgate Sentry Armor
  • Modified economic article: Spring Treasure 2021
  • Modified economic article: vestments of the Thunderfold armor
  • Modified Economic Article: Cloak of the broken blade
  • Modified economic article: shoulder of the wise man of the tree
  • Modified economic article: Testa of the wise man of the tree
  • Modified Economic Item: Wild Mane Berserker Shoulder
  • Modified Economic Item: Berserker Cleaver Head
  • Modified economic article: belt of the broken blade
  • Modified economic object: decoy of the head of the lightkeeper
  • Modified economic object: decoy of the armor of the Lightkeeper

English localization

  • DOTA_Compendium_Predictions_Qualificator_NA: NA Qualifiers orth America
  • DOTA_Compendium_Predictions_SA_Qualifier: SA qualifications in America
  • DOTA_Compendium_Predictions_SEA_Qualificator: SEA qualifications in East Asia
  • DOTA_Compendium_Predictions_Qualifier_China: China qualifiers
  • DOTA_Compendio_SecondaryTabHeader_RegionalQualifiers: Regional Qualifiers
  • DOTA_Compendio_DPCQualifier_ClickNote: Click on a region to display the brackets
  • DOTA_Compendio_TI10_QualifierDates_A: June 23 – 26
  • DOTA_Compendio_TI10_QualifierDates_B: June 30 – July 3
  • DOTA_Compendio_TI10_QualifierDates_C: July 7 – 10
  • DOTA_Compendio_QualiferPredictionsRewardNote: Expect the winner of each Region e earn {g: dota_shards_value:reward} for each correct answer.
  • DOTA_Compendio_Predizioni_Qualificatore_WEU: WEU Qualification Winner
  • DOTA_Compendium_Predictions_Qualificator_EEU: EEU Qualifiers Winner
  • DOTA_DPC_Major_Qualifier: Qualified
  • DOTA_DPC_Division_International: The International
  • DOTA_DPC_Division_RegionOnly: {S:region}


  • spider: Added new attribute disables damage display with value of 1
  • spider: Added new attribute disables damage display with value of 1

source: Vapor

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