Doug Marrone to return to Jacksonville in 2020 to enjoy Twitter (and Jaguars opponents)

Doug Marrone is probably the most amazing coach decision made this offseason. What he has added is that he is going nowhere.

The Jags had a disappointing 2019. Just a few weeks after Tom Coughlin’s departure, some doubts were raised about Marrone’s future at Jacksonville. After a 6-10 season that saw Nick Foles injured, bad and then benched, Jalen Ramsey’s trade and just generally uninspiring football, the scene was set for Marrone’s exit. But owner Shad Khan announced Tuesday that Marrone will be returning as Jacksonville’s head coach in 2020, and he did that for some good comedy.

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In all, Marrone is 22-28 with the Jaguars (1-1 record as a temporary coach in 2016), with 6-10 and 5-11 seasons after reaching the AFC Championship Game in 2017. GM Dave Caldwell also returns. , both types will report directly to Han in 2020.

The news may be great for Marrone – and fans of Jacksonville’s opponents.

Twitter picked up the development of Marrone’s comeback and added a bit of signature sarcastic, hilarious analysis.

Dave Caldwell will still be your GM.
Doug Marrone will still be your coach.
Your new DC will be someone familiar with Pete Carrol’s design.
The Jaguars will have 2 London games back and forth.
Accept it.
This is

– Enjoying paternity (@jhorge_d) December 30, 2019

Beautuful of the rest of the AFC … this one handed duo killed the most formidable defense in a two-season affair.

– Fantasy Jester (@fantasy_jester) December 31, 2019

We’ve been joking for years that Doug Marrone needs to know where the buried bodies are in order to get so much. We have always meant this. Now, I truly believe Doug Marrone knows where some bodies are saved.

– Maybe next year’s accounts (@MNYBills) December 31, 2019

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