Dove Cameron gets a new tattoo to remember Cameron Boyce – Discover the beautiful tribute

Dove Cameron revealed that she got a permanent tribute dedicated to her late co-star and close friend, Cameron Boyce. As you remember, the young actor tragically died at the age of 20 after having suffered a sleep crisis.

It’s been a little over five months since then and people haven’t forgotten.

Still painful, the loss is on the minds of many people, be it Cameron’s fans or loved ones, and the list includes Descendants co-star Dove Cameron.

The actress shared the touching tattoo that she remembered forever.

During the filming of a clip from Vogue’s 24-hour series, during which she was supposed, as the title says, to document her entire day, she also captured the inking process on camera.

Dove shared that she wanted her 11th tattoo to be a gun but with a rose or a bouquet of flowers coming out of it.

She then explained the meaning of the tattoo, saying that it did not have one but two!

“Because I am very anti-gun, and I am very pro-gun. It is a bit like a nationally recognized symbol for peace and the fight against firearms. And also, my friend Cameron, who died a few months ago, he started an organization called Wielding Peace. “

The actress continued, “He wanted influential people to hold things that looked like guns, but it would be artistic or peaceful. Actually, he did it with a bouquet of flowers, and I think it’s really beautiful and I’ve been trying to think of a tattoo for him since he passed away, and I felt that this one this was really appropriate. “

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The piece of permanent body art is on the side of her arm and she is beautiful.


Indeed, Dove was also super in love with the way he came out.

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