Dozens of arrests in Morocco and interrogated after a riot in a stadium

Rabat: Official sources said today, Thursday, that Moroccan authorities arrested 70 people in report to the riots that took place Sunday evening in the “Prince Moulay Abdallah” stadium in Rabat, which resulted in injuries among the security forces and citizens, as well as material losses. A statement by the Moroccan prosecutor says that the authorities arrested 70 people, including 18 minors, “and after the aforementioned suspects were presented before the prosecutor’s office, a petition was presented for an investigation against 42 of them as adults”. The sources added that the detainees were accused of “committing criminal gang-forming acts, sabotaging equipment within groups, using force and the theft described, attempted rape, obstructed the flow of tankers on the public road and committed intentional violence in occasion of a sporting event “. The sources said: “The investigating judge, after having questioned them initially, ordered them to support the prison”. A match that took place last Sunday between the Moroccan royal army and Maghreb Fez in the 32nd round of the Throne Cup, ended with the victory of Morocco over the host Fez by two goals to zero and its exclusion. After the match ended, riots erupted after fans descended from the stands and stormed the pitch, just days after the decision to bring back the fans. in Morocco after a long absence due to the conditions of the Corona pandemic. (Reuters)