Dozens of overview maps that you can print for free

Even with tools such as Google Earth and Google Map, there is still a need for students to learn some basic knowledge of where things are in the world, otherwise they think Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon are close together. A classical geography activity therefore allows children to label blank overview maps. You can make these cards yourself using the Google Presentations method that Tony Vincent demonstrated last week or you can just visit to find what you need.

On the printable world map you will find dozens of maps that you can download as a free PDF. Blank world maps, continent maps, region maps and country maps are included in this collection. There are also some provincial maps for the United States.

If you want to download PDFs from the printable world map, you must click through two screens to get the desired map. On those screens you will see advertisements for buying all tickets in one bundle instead of downloading them separately.

By the way, I chose the example of Portland, Maine versus Portland, Oregon because a friend who is a commercial pilot would say that you would be surprised how many people turn up in Portland, Maine thinking they were going to Portland, Oregon.

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