Dr. Eggman voice actor responds to speculation with Smash Ultimate DLC fighters

Sonic villain Doctor Eggman is one of the most popular contenders to join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster as a DLC fighter, and now the character’s voice actor has responded to rampant fan speculation.

Doctor Eggman, also known as Robotnik, is one of the most iconic antagonists in video game history and the main villain of the Sonic The Hedgehog series. During the games, the mad scientist uses numerous different weapons, robots, and other various machines to fight his blue enemy.

With Final Fantasy 7’s villain Sephiroth joining Smash Ultimate, fans were excited to see other gaming villains getting invited too.

In response to fan speculation, Doctor Eggman’s voice, Mike Pollock, turned to Twitter to address those who asked him if he could join Nintendo’s flagship fighters.

“I couldn’t talk about it if he wanted to,” he said simply. “If he doesn’t, I wouldn’t want to.”

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While this may seem like some kind of non-response, he elaborated on it. “I said the same thing about myself in the film because the same feeling applies: I like to talk about things I’m in as soon as they’re released.”

In addition, the voice actor added that he doesn’t like to deal with projects he isn’t involved in, especially when “everyone expected him to be”.

Basically, the actor seems tired of fans asking if he is voicing Eggman in Smash – and despite his comments, some came to take his remarks as confirmation.

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“So since you mention it, that means yes,” commented one fan.

“It also means you should study more logic,” said Pollock.

The voice actor further explained his position on the GameFaqs forums, where he made an account.

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“Regardless of how iconic Dr. Eggman may be to you, in a typical year he won’t work more than two days for me if I’m lucky. The rest of the time I focus on keeping my calendar free from gigs by constantly auditioning for roles for new clients and continuing existing work for other current clients, ”he explained.

“My life is not about Dr. Eggman for the same reason that your life doesn’t center around your birthday. Every gig is a precious gift, and whatever I’m doing is the most important thing. “


The voice actor further explained his position.

Either way, the chances of Eggman showing up in Smash remain roughly the same as before: unknown. After Pyra was revealed as DLC 9, there are only two slots left in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

We’ll have to see if Eggman is one of the two remaining fighters, but at least Pollock doesn’t seem against the idea.

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