DraftKings NBA DFS Christmas Day options: showdown tips, GPP lineup strategy

NBA on Christmas Day is a tradition that is perfectly timed to put you on television and away from the extended right of your family as you begin to get tired of them. You can probably combine basketball with the DraftKings for Christmas option – surely Santa Claus will be polite to your lineups.

We’ve put together a possible lineup to use for the five-game slate at Christmas, along with the Showdown showdowns for each of the five individual games. Check out the following – these are some of the tips you can rotate if you prefer a different approach.

DraftKings NBA DFS Christmas Day Options

PG James Harden, Rockets @ Warriors ($ 11,600). It’s easy to imagine Harden trying to score a million points (a slight exaggeration) at Christmas against a group of warriors whose league executives certainly don’t want to play on such a big stage.

SG Ben McLemore, Rockets @ Warriors ($ 3,700). McLemore gets steady minutes for Houston in the mid-20s and has some free kicks to shoot from deep inside a game that the Rockets could break in 130.

SF Donte DiVincenzo, Bucks @ 76ers ($ 5,300). DiVincenzo has been running for the Bucks since Eric Bledsoe was injured and his price only starts to cover production. Especially with the 76ers defensive lineman Matisse Thybulle injured, there’s no perfect matchup for Donte.

PF Kyle Kuzma vs. Lakers Clippers ($ 3,900). Kuzma started producing more late than injured for much of the season, and with LeBron James and Anthony Davis controversial on Wednesday, Kuzma could look to a bigger workload.

C Brook Lopez, Bucks @ 76ers ($ 5,000). There is nothing particularly special about Lopez in terms of value – it’s just the lowest price you can get to the mall and you still expect some respectable production.

G Lou Williams, Clippers @ Lakers ($ 5,800). Sweet Lou is a bucket – it doesn’t always award the bench, but when it does, the score returns tons of value to this pricing.

F James Ennis, 76ers vs. Bucks ($ 3,000). With Thybulle out for the Sixers, Ennis saw a blow a few minutes earlier this week. This should continue, and any player who sees minutes in the 20s at a minimum is worth playing to allow the two best players on the plate in our lineup.

UTIL Giannis Antekundubou, Bucks @ 76ers ($ 11,300). John is a huge huge double waiting to happen. Philadelphia has a good match for him, but the way the MVP plays this season can only dominate to prove a point anyway.

DraftKings Showdown NBA DFS Christmas Options: Celtics vs. raptors

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has been playing since Pascal Siakim went down and is the captain of this game. Make sure you check in before stress that Gordon Hayward is actually active as expected – he suffered some injury and the best ax would be Toronto’s OG Anunoby if needed.

CAPTAIN (1.5x value, 1.5x points): SF Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Raptors ($ 9,900)

CABLE: PG Kyle Lowry, Raptors ($ 10,000)

CABLE: PG Kemba Walker, Celtics ($ 9,400)

CABLE: SF Jayson Tatum, Celtics ($ 9,200)

CABLE: SF Gordon Hayward, Celtics ($ 7,600)

CABLE: PG Brad Wanamaker, Celtics ($ 3,600)

NBA DFS Olympics Christmas: Bucks vs. 76ers

Ennis sees minutes in the mid-20s due to the absence of Matisse Thybulle and is an absolute lock to return value at his small price. This allows us to get four of the best players in the game and in turn. The only player this build can’t stand FLEX action is Tobias Harris – if you wanted him instead of Middleton, you could trade Matthews with Furkan Korkmaz.

CAPTAIN (1.5x value, 1.5x points): SF James Ennis III, 76ers ($ 2,700)

CABLE: PF Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks ($ 13,200)

CABLE: C Joel Embiid, 76ers ($ 11,200)

CABLE: PG Ben Simmons, 76ers ($ 9,600)

CABLE: SF Khris Middleton, Bucks ($ 8,200)

CABLE: SG Wesley Matthews, Bucks ($ 4,600)

DraftKings NBA Christmas Showdown Day: Rockets vs. Warriors

Taking a different approach to this composition in the hope that James Harden really dominates this game. If he does, there is enough pricing around his opponent to make up for not playing Russell Westbrook, Clint Capela or Draymond Green.

CAPTAIN (1.5x value, 1.5x points): SG James Harden, Rockets ($ 21,000)

CABLE: PG D’Angelo Russell, Warriors ($ 9,200)

CABLE: SG Damion Lee, Warriors ($ 7,000)

CABLE: C Willie Cauley-Stein, Warriors ($ 5,200)

CABLE: SG Ben McLemore, Rockets ($ 4,000)

CABLE: SG Danuel House Jr., Rockets ($ 3,600)

NBA Christmas Days Drafts Kicks: Lakers vs. Clippers

The key to note when putting this lineup together is the Anthony Davis option. Both he and LeBron James are formally questionable on Christmas Day. At least one should play – Davis is my favorite, but if he’s out and LBJ is playing, the easiest way is just to put the other superstar in the Lakers.

CAPTAIN (1.5x value, 1.5x points): SF Kyle Kuzma, The Lakers ($ 6,600)

CABLE: PF Anthony Davis, Lakers ($ 12,200)

CABLE: PF Kawhi Leonard, Clippers ($ 10,600)

CABLE: SF Paul George, Clippers ($ 9,800)

CABLE: SG Lou Williams, Clippers ($ 8,200)

CABLE: PF Maurice Harkless, Clippers ($ 2,400)

NBA DraftKings Christmas Day Tips: Nuggets vs. Pelicans

This lineup is a mish-mosh of various price points. We get the Barton microwave shooter at the captain’s spot, and it was better on the boards and distributing slowly as well. This allows us to play both Nikola Jokic and Brandon Ingram.

CAPTAIN (1.5x value, 1.5x points): SF Will Barton, The Nuggets ($ 12,900)

CABLE: Nikola Jokicz, Negges ($ 12,200)

CABLE: SF Brandon Ingram, Pelicans ($ 10,400)

CABLE: SG Gary Harris, Nuggets ($ 7,000)

CABLE: PG Lonzo Ball, Pelicans ($ 5,400)

CABLE: SG Malik Beasley, Nuggets ($ 2,200)

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